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Mountain Bike and Multisport Day Tours
Explore the most spectacular corners of Bariloche with our one-day outings

Our day tours will let you experience the incredible Nahuel Huapi National Park on a mountain bike (is there a better way?!). Whether you´re looking for a pleasant ride through fabulous scenery, or a day of challenging trail and singletrack riding, we have something for you.

Our bilingual guides will show you the best riding trails and backroads, always going at your pace and offering all the support you need, ensuring a fun and safe outing. Our day tours begin when we pick you up at your hotel and transfer you to the fabulous El Retorno Lodge, the ideal place to base your outing. We´ll provide a high-quality 24-speed mountain bike, helmet, gloves and the equipment you need for a day´s outing. Within the amazing scenery of Lake Gutierrez, we´ll fit bikes, have a relaxed briefing on the day´s ride, and give you detailed instruction on mtb riding skills. After the first stage of cycling, always at your pace, we´ll reach our “secret spot” inside native forests of the National Park, where we´ll stop for a country picnic lunch. Depending on the group´s energy and biking skills, our guide will decide on the roads or trails for the return to Lake Gutierrez. The day ends back at El Retorno, with soft drinks or tea, enjoying the lodge´s private beach - in the summer, this is an ideal spot for relaxing and enjoying the fantastic mountain scenery of Lake Gutierrez. In the afternoon, you´ll be dropped off at your hotel, after having lived an authentic Bariloche experience.

Below, you can read more about our different full-day and half-day options. Be sure to check out our combined programs, including a very special Mountain Bike and Horseback excursion, as well as our Paddle and Pedal program, two awesome ways to spend a day in Bariloche.

Full-Day Bike Tours

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Our regular day-tour runs three times a week, taking you through the amazing forests below Cerro Catedral, a landmark mountain behind Bariloche (also South America´s largest ski resort). After setting up and receiving instruction from our guides at El Retorno Lodge, we´ll ride over dirt backroads and trails, with some uphills but mostly gentle terrain. We´ll cross over small streams, and stop at different panoramic spots. You´ll have lunch at our “secret spot” next to a quiet stream, deep in a native forest, with plenty of time to relax and soak in this incredible spot, with great views of the Andes Range in the background. Depending on the strength of the group, we can go a bit further to do more trail riding, to the amazing Lake Moreno, or return to El Retorno Lodge, where we´ll enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Difficulty level:
low- there are some light climbs; basic technical skills are sufficient

You will be picked up at your hotel after 9:30am, and dropped off at your hotel after 5pm. This regular day-tour runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and is available on a private basis every day of the week.

3.5-4.5 hrs of total cycling, approximately (these hours are spread
out through the day)


Private Outings and Day Tours for advanced mtb riders

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This day tour is designed for those looking for a challenging day, with more technical trail and singletrack riding of different types. The ride will be programmed based on your interests and skills. Our Merida TFS700 mountain bikes are ideal for challenging riding. This program also begins at El Retorno Lodge (see above), after having picked you up at your hotel in the morning. We´ll ride out of El Retorno pedaling up a dirt road (a great warm-up), towards Cerro Catedral, which offers us plenty of great trails. We can use the ski lifts, or ride up along the green ski runs (which are without snow in the summer). There are many options here, and we can spend all day at the mountain, or we can push along to trails around Lake Moreno, eventually returning to Lake Gutierrez down an awesome singletrack trail. Our guides will show you the best spots throughout the day, always according to your interests, experiencing the incredible landscapes and scenery below the Andes.

Difficulty level:
medium-high – the trails will be chosen by our guide, depending on your riding skills and interests.

You will be picked up at your hotel after 9:30am, and dropped off at your hotel at approx. 6:30pm. This custom day outing is available any day of the week.

4-6 hrs of total cycling, approximately (spread throughout the day
* the program does not include lift tickets at Catedral – clients who wish to use the lifts will pay for tickets separately, including the guide´s ticket



Paddle and Pedal: Full-day Kayak and Mountain bike program

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Set under the snowy peaks of the Andes in Nahuel Huapi National Park, and surrounded by thick native forests, Lake Gutierrez is a truly impressive sight. These mountains and forests also shelter the lake from the Western patagonian winds, creating an ideal place for kayaking. We´ll use the amazing El Retorno Lodge as our base. Our mountain bike guide will give the group a brief talk about the ride, as well as instruction on mountain bike technique. We´ll get on the bikes and ride through wonderful trails and dirt backroads through the foothills of Cerro Catedral. The distance we´ll pedal will depend on the strength and pace of the group. We´ll haver our meal on the fabulous deck of the main patio, with priviledged views of the amazing scenery.

Our partner kayak operator, Pura Vida Patagonia, ensures the highest professionalism, great knowledge of the region, and high-quality international  equipment. We´ll set up kayaks and gear at the lodge, as well as receiving a detailed brief and instruction from our kayaking guide. The guide will lead us at a leisurely pace, always putting safety first, and taking us to unique points around the lake. We´ll  explore the amazing clear waters and green shores of Lake Gutierrez.

In the afternoon, after having lived an incredible day of intense contact with nature, we´ll relax and enjoy a refreshment or tea back at El Retorno, before driving you back to your hotel.

Difficulty level:
low-medium – the kayaking is leisurely, always close to the shores with all necessary safety equipment; the biking is over easy dirt roads and trails, with some light climbs that can be walked up; basic technical skills are sufficient

You will be picked up at your hotel after 10am, and dropped off at your hotel at approx. 5pm. This day tour runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and is available on a private basis every day of the week.

2 hrs of rowing, and 2-3 hrs of total cycling, approximately (these times are spread throughout the day)

* Included: all kayak equipment (2-person kayaks, flotation vests, paddles, mittens, waterproof gear, dry bags); plus the included bike gear and services listed below.


Half-day Bike Tours

Our regular day-tour (see above), can be split so that your riding ends for lunch-time. A great option for those looking for a morning ride, taking you through the same incredible sights between Lake Gutierrez and Cerro Catedral, below our Andes mountains. You´ll have time to enjoy the beach and private grounds of El Retorno Lodge, after which you will be shuttled back to your hotel, just in time for lunch.

Difficulty level: low – there are some light cimbs; basic technical skills are sufficient
Schedules: You will be picked up at your hotel after 9:30 am, and dropped off at your hotel after 1:30 pm. This tour is subject to availability, please contact us to reserve your space (also available on a private basis every day of the week).

Duration: 2 hrs of total cycling, approximately (these hours are spread out through the day)

What´s included

• Shuttle from and back to your hotel
• Support vehicle available on-call for emergencies, equipped with radio communication,
first aid kit, spare parts and tool box
• Bilingual Guide
• Mountain bike riding instruction
• High quality 24-speed mountain bikes, with front shocks (GT, Schwinn and Merida bikes)
• Helmet, water bottle, riding gloves and sunglasses, as well as tool repair kit
• Daypacks (available if you need one)
• Snack in the morning and Picnic Lunch at mid-day
• Afernoon refreshments, tea or beer

What to bring

For our mountain bike day tours

• Biking shorts or other comfortable riding shorts (optional – long cycling pants or comfortable pants, depending on the weather)
• Extra short-sleeve tee and windproof/waterproof jacket (which you can carry in your backpack while cycling)
• Optional - long-sleeve t-shirt
• Sneakers
• Sunblock
• Suncap (which you can carry in your backpack when riding)
• Eyeshades
• If you need it, we can provide daypack and eyeshades


For our Paddle and Pedal program

• Long-sleeve shirts, non-cotton
• T-shirt, non-cotton
• Shorts, preferably of the quick-drying type
• Socks, 1 pair of warm socks
• Rain pants & thin waterproof jacket: Recommended for the unexpected rain.
• Windstopper: The rain jacket may also be used as windstopper
• Pants: 1 pair of light pants, of the quick-drying type
• Sweaters: 1 warm polartec or synthetic sweater
• Change of clothing: To leave in the van for the return trip



1 client: us$ 120 per person
2-4 clients: us$ 85 per person
5-8 clients: us$ 80 per person
9-10 clients: us$ 75 per person

Private and custom tours: please ask us for a detailed program and quotation



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