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Read what past guests say about their Bariloche Mountain Bike experience...

“I have so enjoyed my first visit to Bariloche, Argentina and seeing the beautiful sights. The mountains, lakes and landscapes were incredible. Experiencing this all on a bicycle makes it even more enjoyable.”

Darryl Sewell (Florida, USA)



“Dirty Bikes showed me paradise! The greatest thing about my trip was how you always encouraged, throughout the week, helping make this dream vacation come true for me. I love sports and the outdoors – and know I also love Dirty Bikes!”

Margarete Pecke (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

“Cycling is a wonderful way to experience the beautiful area around Bariloche. Did not know what to expect, and have been very positively surprised by the nature here. Got some nice exercise, and great company! Many thanks”

Nina Myren (Oslo, Norway)


“All of the rides went beyond our expectations. Each destination posessed its own charm, as well as great riding. The Patagonian lamb was one of a kind. The team of tour leaders and guides so attentive at all times, enjoyable, just fantastic – 10 points!”

Vera Weber (Curitiba, Brasil)




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