When designing our trips, we always follow the primary premise behind our philosophy: that each guest should be able to travel at their own pace. The safety and comfort provided by our vans, as well as our guides’ leadership and continuous support, allow for both cyclists and active people, with different levels of technical and physical ability, to enjoy our trips.

On average, you will spend 4-6 hours per day on your bike. Our guests typically cover 10km/hr (6miles/hr), when riding at an easy pace or on days with many hills, and up to 30km/hr (20miles/hr) in faster, flatter routes. In practice, most guests stop and get off the bicycle throughout the day, at different moments – to take pictures, rest, enjoy a view, have lunch or stop to buy a gift in some little town along the way (which they can then leave in our van).

The types of terrain that we cover will vary in difficulty from moderate to challenging, depending on the trip. Some tours include a lot of pavement, while other tours will be mostly over dirt and gravel roads and trails. The most beautiful parts of Patagonia can be reached via these routes. The trips can also vary by day: some days you will take it easy, riding over flat or relatively flat routes; on other days you will have stretches with many hills, some long and steep, always followed by exhilirating descents. The possibility to get in the van on any stretch that you want to skip allows our trips to be accesible to everyone.

The trips also include activities in addition to cycling, such as walking or rafting. We believe that this variety will always add great value to your vacations, and we always consider various options when determining the best manner in which to experience the places we take you to. The activities are designed so that everyone can participate, without high levels of difficulty. We also try to offer alternatives to the day’s activity, such as a short hike, a moderate bike ride, or simply staying in the hotel’s swimming pool or spending the day at the thermal baths nearby – after all, you are on your vacation!