Eating and sleeping: two of life’s true pleasures. We think about these in detail when organizing every trip.

Food is always one of the highlights of our trips. It’s not only about helping your body recover and providing you with energetic sustenance. It is much more than that. Discovering the tastes and aromas of the regional fare is also a great part of your experience. During your journey, you will enjoy authentic feasts at elegant gourmet restaurants, with recipes that incorporate fresh, local ingredients, or meals prepared by locals in the traditional manner, such as the Argentine asado, prepared by local gauchos over an open fire.

We meticulously weigh and ultimately choose where you will spend the evening. After an active day, undoubtedly you’ll want a great place to rest for the night, and a comfortable pillow on which to lay your head so you can dream about the next day’s adventure. From luxurious hotels to charming inns, we will take you to the outstanding lodges in our region. Of course, expensive doesn’t necessarily imply best. And for this reason, we look for establishments known for their local character, excellent service, charming surroundings and other details that make a hotel stay magical.

Some of our trips can take you to remote places, where we can decide to spend the night outdoors. If you’d love to camp, but don’t like setting up a tent, fear not. Our staff will prepare accommodations for you while you enjoy the warm fire. At Dirty Bikes, our staff members are expert outdoorsmen who take pleasure in preparing unique campsites.