Our select group of guides and hosts work hard to ensure the magic happens on every trip. Among them, you will find people with diverse experience and knowledge; many are great sportsmen and outdoor guides, or experienced tourist guides who have lived and worked in different parts of the world. Some are bicultural, having been born or having lived in different countries, and with knowledge of different languages. In our training sessions, as well as in every outing, we help our guides find the best way to make their natural abilities shine.

We also like to mention the important role of the Active Tourism Operators (ATO) and the local experts with whom we work. The ATO are among the most important operators in their fields in the Patagonia. We have formed strategic alliances with them, assuring the highest standards of quality and safety. Also of great importance, the regional experts we involve in many of our trips are recognized in their fields, including biology and botany, natural history, and anthropology, photography, and regional music. Each brings their personal touch to our trips and helps us dive deeply beneath the surface of this fascinating region.

Experts in Active Travel

With a staff comprised of gifted sportsmen, guides, and travelers who are recognized in Patagonia and internationally, the Dirty Bikes collective expertise serves as yet another important differentiator. Our staff’s experience, knowledge, and contacts throughout the region help us greatly in designing and executing unique trips. We also count on these experts for our custom-tailored trips, where their participation will help to ensure your that trip is a truly special experience.

Staff in Bariloche

Our group based in Bariloche also plays a very important role. Monica Morales is responsible for Reservations and Personalized Attention. She will help you with your pre-travel needs, from finding the right trip for you, to answering every question you may have. Anibal and Javier are also usually at hand to take calls and tell you in detail about our trips and the regions we visit. Sergio Aedo, our lead mechanic, is in charge of maintenance and fine-tuning of our fleet of bicycles.

You may not meet all of these people in your stay here, but we assure you that they will be fundamental in making your trip an unforgettable experience.