Always at your pace

You choose the pace. After all, you are on vacation, right?

The moment you have been waiting for all year has finally arrived. Here, with each morning you will awaken to the smell of fresh coffee or, if you prefer, yerba mate, in the Argentine tradition, followed by a hearty breakfast preparing you for the day ahead. Depending on the trip you have chosen, you can spend the day pedaling and enjoying the landscapes and towns we ride through, always in a relaxed and fun fashion. You can choose to pedal hard, and ride your bicycle at a faster pace over quiet, scenic roads, or move more slowly to stop and take pictures or rest alone or among friends in a magical little corner you’ve discovered. You can also choose to follow the suggested route, or take a detour. Either way, you’ll create unforgettable experiences!

The groups are small and the favorable guide-to-guest ratio will always allow for constant attention to the needs of every guest. As you pedal on your way, your guides will always be in close proximity. And our Dirty Bikes support van will also always be nearby, giving you the opportunity to rest comfortably whenever you want it, as well as being present for emergencies or any other needs that you may have.

The meals and restaurants can vary depending on the trip, however, the menu will always be comprised of fresh, quality ingredients. You will eat the wonderful regional fare, like Patagonian lamb, or Chilean salmon, in stand-out gourmet restaurants. Dinners will always be in company of recognized Argentine and Chilean wines. In some cases, particularly when the day’s route takes us to remote areas, we will eat outdoors. Ours chefs will await us with true culinary feasts. When a sit-down meal isn’t practical, you will be provided with hearty box-lunches, always tasty, robust, and healthy. We also make sure to offer great options for vegetarians, every day and night. Before every trip, we consult each guest’s dietary needs and requirements, and look to create menu options that are always elaborate and delicious.

When it comes to choosing a hotel, we look for charm and regional flavor, great service, comfort and hospitality. With years of experience, we have become great friends with the people who will attend to you every evening, and we know how much they love to receive our groups of cyclists and active guests from around the world. Some of our trips include the most luxurious hotels in our region, becoming a part of the attraction of the tours in themselves. In other trips, the hotels are not so lavish, but no less charming, cozy, and comfortable. In all cases, they satisfy a number of important requirements, both in their aesthetic qualities and in the details that make every night so special.

Trips for everyone

We also design our trips so that everyone can enjoy them – no matter your age or ability level on a bicycle. Our groups are made up of guests traveling solo, in couples, among friends, and even families with children. Everyone looking for an active vacation can enjoy our trips!

Designing personalized trips is our specialty, and we create even more personalized trips for each individual. We’ll give you plenty of ideas – but everything can be at your choice. Please ask us about our tailor-made trips.


There is little doubt that our great passion is traveling by bike. Over the years, we have learned how our region can also be enjoyed through other activities, and we have incorporated walking and hiking, water sports, and cultural and tourist activities. Each one of our trips includes activities in addition to cycling. For example, our region offers rivers known worldwide for their rafting possibilities. It’s a shame to miss out on such wonderful opportunities. We offer multisport trips, where we propose an excellent variety of activities, and each day invite you to experience the region in the most appropriate, and most interesting fashion. This could involve crossing a Patagonian estancia (ranch) on horseback, for example, an experience you will always remember.

No matter what vacations you choose to take with Dirty Bikes, you will always have options and variety. We can promise you an exciting experience.