Because we are different

We could invoke the standard sales pitch used by every other adventure tour operator that descibes itself as “different, unique,” or more simply, “the best at what we do.” Or we could mention our exceptionally personalized and detailed service, and tell you about the special trip that only we can prepare for you, or how we package our vast knowledge, adventure experience, and love for the Patagonia in each and every tour. Yes, we are different. But you likely know that already.

So, rather than try to sell our business to you, we prefer to let our “uniqueness” speak for itself and we invite you to read the letters from our past guests, those who have enjoyed a thrilling Dirty Bikes experience.


We were treated with perfect professionalism, everything was delivered exactly as promised.

«What an incredible itinerary, one day better than the next, beautiful places and delicious food. Congratulations on the organization and logistics to the entire Dirty Bikes team. Best of all was the privilege of meeting Silvina and Pablo, our Tour Leaders – they were both sensational, always attentive, and very patient in teaching us how to ride our mountain bikes. They were sensible to our personal needs and did everything possible to make each one of us happy. All of this with constant merry, energy, humor and warmness. More than customers, we feel like we´ve become great friends, and words cannot express our gratitude»

Joaquim, Liu, Lee, Roberto, Sérgio and Nenê (Sao Paulo, Brasil)

Many thanks to Javier and Pablo, our excellent tour leader and ride guide.

«Our ride through such beautiful forests and lakes was enhanced with our guides’ friendly, polite and relaxed manner. All accommodations were first class and the camp at Lake Falkner provided a personal and memorable barbecue in a quiet location. All lunches were gourmet affairs. Javier provided intelligent, fair and detailed knowledge of the surrounding nature, environment and the people of Argentina. Very enjoyable and memorable for me. Thanks to all at Dirty Bikes.»

Malcolm Griffiths (Australia)

Damiano (Tour Leader) was wonderful!

«The biking was great and it was superb to have the van support as our children learned to mountain bike. Damiano was spectacular with the children, they were very comfortable with him. The trip was well organized and supplied. The kayaking was lovely. All around, a great 3 days in Patagonia. Thank you so much»

The Feder Family (New York, USA)

I loved the trails and circuits

«And especially the last 3.5 km uphill, excellent! And everything else was brilliant! Pepe was great, as was Nicholas the chef. Kisses!»

Gabriela Alaimo (Argentina)

I want to congratulate Anibal and his team for the excellent organization of our adventure

«The human touch and magnificent disposition in everything, and in every moment»

Daniel Saramaga (Argentina)

Thank you for the great bike trip.

«Although I found it quite difficult at times and found it a challenge , I absolutely loved it! Thanks so much for helping me to overcome my fear of biking downhill!!
The scenery was amazing and it was so good to see it all in the open air and not by car or bus! A great trip, well worth it»

Michelle Wallace (England)

Michelle Wallace (England)

We all really enjoyed the trip.

«Thanks for being a super guide! You were professional, interesting, fun, cool, relaxed and seemed more like a knowledgeable friend by the end of the trip than a professional biker man.
We were particularly impressed with your picnic making powers. You did an excellent job of looking after us!»

Kevin Lawrence (England)